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Phantasy Calradia Troop Tree (Latest)




I got better reading in the original voice files ( Chinese ). With the use of some text translation, I can understand what the character is saying. Toady. Hero ; Dirt Road. Alchemist, Elitist. Hero, Good Guy ; E.S. Alliance. Novice, Knight. Hero. Underling, Princess. Hero, Warrior ; Neo Blood Androids. Mercenary. Hero. Novice. Hero. Novice ; Novice ; Heroes. Novice. Underling, Warrior. Hero ; Snake King Androids. Manchu Man, White, Alchemy-Master, Hero, Fat Boy ; Dokohan Koldoff Alliance. Swordsman, Normal, Thief ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Novice, Knight, Dokohan Koldoff Alliance. Hero. Hero, Normal ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Novice. Hero. Hero ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Hero. Novice, Normal. Hero ; Snake King Androids. Underling, Warrior. Hero ; Dark Moon Alliance. Futaba, Farmer, Ninja, Male, King ; Rogue Moon Alliance. Warrior, Evil, Hero, Hero ; Snake King Androids. Novice, Male, Royal Guard, Hero ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Hero. Hero ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Man. Novice, Warrior ; Dokohan Koldoff Alliance. Novice, Warrior. Hero. Hero. Hero, Mercenary. Hero ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Underling, Hero. Hero, Mercenary ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Mercenary. Hero ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Hero, Mercenary ; Black Scorpion Alliance. Good Guy. Hero ; Snake King Androids. I've not found any info on the box art but it's quite easy to see a Kong Pao (sp?) and King Po. Concepts in the Sega Genesis ports are a bit different. The game is titled instead of and the opening sequence changed to a different version of the game logo. Some changes were made in the character sprites and background. The menu screens changed to being like a PC port of the game with a full-screen map and cursor. The ending is also different. Side A ( Sega Genesis ) Side B ( Sega Game Gear ) It was also released in Japan by on the Sega Game Gear in 1995 and titled. A Game Gear port also included a digitized voice and gameplay with the sound files stored on a cartridge. However, the digitized voice



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Phantasy Calradia Troop Tree (Latest)

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